Custom Color Additives -
Just like the House of, with Mircles, and a Vibriant approach to the Planet,  we have a full selection of custom color additives that can make your color really stand out at a very affordable rate.

Textures -
Looking for texture alternatives to what is currently on the market?
We will show you how to create a lightweight alternative for everything from Walk-On to Decorative, High Performance to Aesthetic. Our TexGrip additive can be engineered to meet all of your needs. 

Metallic Control -
Struggling with hard to apply metallics and tough pattern control?
We have your solution for improving your first time through quality acceptance while establishing more confidence in your ablity to deliver an expanded color pallet.

Reflective -
We offer GloGrip reflective additives to improve Health & Safety to the visual of your coatings. This is a truely unique way to enhance all colors for a highly reflective advantage to improve safety on the job while maintaining your brand image.

Handle in dark. Handle in spot light. 
Closeup GloGrip Texture TexGrip Left / GloGrip Right

Aerosols -
We can supply the true color match for your service needs. Are you a manufacturer looking for a color in a spray can that really looks the same as the OE? We have the ability to deliver! Low gloss drab coatings? Texture coatings? We can supply!
Lookng for texture in more than black in an areosol? We can offer multiple colors and texture sizes to meet your needs.