TexGrip Underbody Protective Coating Application (8-14-11)

       We have recently had the opportunity to assist Matt Lindbom owner of Delux Bodyworks in
Woodhull Illinois. Matt's main focus is complete restorations along with custom fabrication of
classic and custom vehicles.

       Matt's customers were looking for a factory looking texture that didn't distort the lines and
seams on the underbody of the cars. Most rubberized coatings are thick and the texture left behind
is not very uniform. On the other hand just applying topcoat doesn't achieve the "factory" look or
protect the underbody as needed.

       When Matt contacted us we were able to use the TexGrip Fine Texture Additive to meet his
needs.We paired the TexGrip with the PPG AUE-360 urethane topcoat that was supplied through
his paint jobber. The topcoat is mixed RTS and then the TexGrip is added by weight and blended.
All TexGrip products can be sprayed using conventional HVLP equipment meeting EPA regulations.
Matt used a SATA 100B primer gun with a 1.9 tip.

       Matt and his customers are very pleased with the look and the durability of the coating.
Working with Matt has also brought to light another application. Our additives have also helped
him match the factory interior texure on late 60's early 70's vehicles. Check in for future posts
featuring this application.